You've Got Options

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by Beverly Crowell

Enrichment is key to growing in your current role. If we are enriched, our organizations are enriched. There is no shortage of enrichment opportunities – if we just ask and act. The key is to know what energizes and enriches us, keep a list in our back pocket, and act on it when we need it. Follow the three simple steps below to get started on your list.

Step 1: Choose any of the words below. Use as many as you can to describe career options that enrich you in the near-term – and long-term.

option wordle


Step 2: Ask yourself which of these career options energize you. Which options are most important now? Find out what moves you.

Step 3: Act on your options. Develop goals to energize and enrich your career. Use enrichment to prepare yourself for any career move. Say yes to experience.

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