We’re human. For that reason alone, we want to belong.  We need to belong.  Maslow pointed that out decades ago in his hierarchy of needs. 

While everyone needs to belong, defining what it means is challenging because there are as many definitions of belonging as there are individuals.  

And the complexity continues because every aspect of organizational life impacts an individual’s ability to achieve belonging. 

Our research and decades of experience working with organizations to address challenges and leverage opportunities in the areas of engagement, diversity, equity, leadership, inclusion, and talent development has led us to our definition of belonging. 

Belonging and the rewards it offers are attainable when individuals know they:  

  • have a voice in problem-solving, planning and decision-making. 
  • have meaning in their work, their team and the work of their organization. 
  • are safe to share their ideas, opinions and perspectives without fear of retribution. 

That means Belonging sits at the intersection of engagement, inclusion and psychological safety.  

Creating an environment where all three of these elements exist; where employees feel engaged, included and safe; doesn’t happen by chance. It requires intention, commitment and planning. We can help you create a workplace where individuals can bring their full and best selves to their work. When individuals can bring their full and best selves to their work, you are poised to tap into limitless potential of your entire organization.  

Belonging can be YOUR outcome. Belonging by DESIGN is the way. Let us help you get there! 

Offerings for Belonging By Design