Originally Recorded: Thursday, June 30th, at 11:00 am EDT/8:00 am PDT

Do you know what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is? Do you know what it isn’t?

Critical Race Theory has become quite the headline maker in the last year, but misconceptions about what it is (and what it isn’t) are still very common. When headlines make a subject seem divisive, that can make it intimidating to talk about.

We’re engaging a panel of four experts for a safe and open conversation from different perspectives surrounding Critical Race Theory. We want to help you really understand CRT so you can answer any questions you get, and have thoughtful discussions of your own.

Sit down with us for this open and educating experience, ask the panelists your questions and finally understand one of Corporate America’s most misunderstood subjects.

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Webinar Speakers

Daniel L. Hollar, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Psychology Department Chair at Bethune-Cookman University

Dr. Daniel L. Hollar, Assistant Professor of Psychology, has a breadth of experience with law enforcement agencies and personnel. For over 12 years, he worked alongside law enforcement professionals at the largest forensic psychiatric inpatient hospital in…

Judge Hubert L. Grimes (Retired)

Retired Judge and member of Monts Grimes Law

Upon the completion of his service as Interim President of Bethune Cookman University, retired Judge Hubert Grimes returned to private law practice in 2019, as a partner with the Monts Law Firm of Lake Mary.

Kideste M. Yusef, PhD

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, Department Chair, Justice & Political Studies

Dr. Kideste Mariam Yusef is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and the Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Bethune-Cookman University. She also serves as the Director of the B-CU Center for Law & Social Justice. Her areas of expertise include community-police relations, police accountability and use of force, race and social justice, and performance management.

Michael Fosberg

Speaker, Author, Host of Incognito

Agencies, corporations, law firms and not-for-profits over the past fifteen years, utilizing his award winning autobiographical story, told in the form of a one-man play, as an entry point for meaningful dialogues on race and identity.

Bobby Gordon

Regional Vice President at Talent Dimensions

As a dedicated seasoned (20 years) diversity and inclusion professional who leads with heart and passion, Bobby specializes in assisting organizations and individuals in achieving business goals by leveraging a diverse, energized and engaged workforce. His portfolio of clients includes American Family Insurance, TIAA, Lockheed-Martin, American University, Phillips 66, General Motors, U.S. Air Force, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Texas Instruments, Clorox, Central Intelligence Agency, Blue Cross Blue Shield NC, TD Bank and Michelin North America just to name a few.