Originally Recorded: January 25, 2023

It’s time to stop doing organizational assessments just for the sake of organizational assessments. Let’s do away with spreadsheets of incomprehensible data. Say ‘no more!’ to generalized responses that are too vague to act on. When you’re looking to target your pain points as an organization, you must get to the root of the problem to create an effective strategy for change. Talent Dimensions is joined by OneAZ Credit Union for our Diagnosing the Right Problem Assessments Webinar.

Assessments are a tool to answer specific questions by measuring something not easily seen. For example:

  • Do my employees feel like they belong within our organization?
  • What are my leadership strengths and weaknesses?
  • How does my team feel about diversity?

Effective assessment requires good design and an effective process. Through assessments that are more specific, shorter and dive deeper, you’re able to gain knowledge that is far more useful and practical.

Join our expert team for our Diagnosing the Right Problem Assessments Webinar. We will discuss our philosophy on how to use analytics to get more value from your assessments, how to use assessments to answer a specific key question and how to use these tools to provide organizations with the knowledge they need to drive efficient and sustainable change.

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Webinar Speakers

Emily Mora

Regional Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, Talent Dimensions

Emily brings more than 20 years of experience working with organizations in Financial Services, Security, Technology, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Services industries. She specializes in consultative and strategic business development and client relationships, creating and deploying learning and development solutions that help organizations achieve their desired business results. She has served as a Strategic Global Account Director for many leading organizations, partnering with multiple business functions to achieve significant results.

Laurie Steere

Vice President of Associate Engagement, Together is Better Committee Member, OneAZ Credit Union

Laurie Steere is the VP of Associate Engagement at OneAZ Credit Union. In her 9 years with the Credit Union, she has worked to bring development opportunities for all associates and has been involved in the creation and deployment of numerous programs such as leadership development, engagement and recognition. She is passionate about bringing more focus and education around DEI&B. As a member of the Together is Better Committee since its inception, she has provided education around critical topics such as psychological safety, creating a culture of belonging and unconscious bias. Her primary goal is to provide opportunities for ongoing education in the DEI&B space by leveraging feedback and data from annual assessments and associate input.

Lynn Cowart

Chief Operations Officer, Talent Dimensions

Lynn’s career spans multiple industries working with senior leaders in support of their long-term strategic goals in talent management and learning and development. Through the lens of retention, engagement and career development, her corporate experience with GE, Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin has helped propel her clients to consistently achieve operational success through value creation.

In her role as Chief Operations Officer, Lynn is responsible for global delivery and solutions development, along with ensuring organizational excellence for Talent Dimensions and its clients.

Mike Raper

Vice President of Organizational Analytics, Talent Dimensions

As Vice President of Organizational Analytics for Organizational Analytics for Talent Dimensions, Mike oversees the design, development, deployment and analysis of a variety of surveys for clients. His analysis and reporting of the resulting data is instrumental in answering key questions that inform effective and actionable solutions. Mike’s reports and dashboards are designed to help clients understand complex data quickly and accurately.

Mike holds certifications in multiple assessment and research processes and an MS in Research Methodology with a concentration in evaluation and survey research.

Terry Simpson

Vice President of HR, Together is Better Committee Chairperson, OneAZ Credit Union

As VP of Human Resources, Terry Simpson oversees people operations at OneAZ Credit Union. With 15 years’ experience through various areas within human resources, Terry is passionate about building a culture focused on people, inclusive leadership, and growth. Wearing many hats over 6 years with the Credit Union, Terry has been determined to put equality and development at the forefront of business decisions. Through strong teamwork, communication, and trusting the amazing talent of the DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) team, she has helped to lead Together Is Better, the organization’s DEI&B initiative, to the next level. Terry has influenced strong communication, change management, and inclusion throughout the organization and is honored to lead the charge as the organization continues to grow.