Turnover. It’s a word to cause unease in the minds of even the most sea­soned executives, regardless of industry. Some industries are currently facing turnover rates as high as 50% in critical roles. And this turnover is extremely expensive. According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an employee can conservatively range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual. So, a 1,000-person organization that provides an average salary of $54,000 – the 2022 median salary in the USA – with a 50% turnover rate could incur replacement costs of approximately $13 million to $54 million per year.

We are offering your organization the opportunity to test pilot the Talent Retention Gauge with a segment of your employee population.  The Talent Retention Gauge is an assessment that measures what matters most to your employees AND how well you’re performing in those areas.  You will receive report for you organization to better understand where you need to focus to retain your critical talent.  Included is a sample report and additional information on the Talent Retention Gauge and the pilot.

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