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Help Them Grow

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Continuous growth is essential to navigating the evolving and rapidly changing world of work. To stand out in today’s competitive market for acquiring and retaining top talent organizations must regularly offer learning and development opportunities for their employees, to help them grow.

In the 2022 Career Optimism Index, almost half of those surveyed said they want to develop their career and skillsets, but don’t know where to begin. Managers play a key role in employees’ continued development. 

Meaningful, flexible, resilient careers result when individuals are willing to do some introspection and self-assessment, explore the landscape of potential shifts and changes, and make informed choices and decisions.

Through robust formal and informal career development conversations managers can:

  • Help employees clarify their goals and aspirations.
  • Identify the kinds of development opportunities that best match their growth and career aspirations.
  • Create realistic plans and stay on track.

Successful careers don’t happen in isolation, they develop one conversation at a time. When managers have the skills needed to hold rich career development conversations; they’re showing they care about their employee’s future which has a positive impact on the employee experience.

Help Them Grow introduces managers to a practical approach for guiding their employees through growth and development. It gives them hands on experience with the tools they need to plan for career conversations and build an ongoing career development dialogue with employees.

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Managers will:

  • Explore their role as a key to developing talent.
  • Learn to use Curiosity as a leadership competency.
  • Develop confidence and competence in planning and conducting formal and informal career development conversations.
  • Build skills for asking powerful career questions.
  • Plan for upcoming career development conversations with direct reports.

This is a highly interactive, facilitator-led learning experience. Facilitators create a safe, respectful and open learning environment where participants are encouraged to engage with one another and to share their insights and experiences.

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