Executive Sessions

Executive Sessions

Creating organizations that are more diverse, equitable and inclusive requires commitment and participation from the most senior levels of leadership. Senior leaders set the tone for the organization’s culture and values and play a central role in fostering an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued, respected and supported.

Senior leaders need to fully understand the importance of DEI both as a moral and a business imperative. They must make DEI a priority; set clear goals that cascade throughout the organization; and ensure that DEI initiatives are aligned with the organization’s overall strategy, goals, and values.

Leading this type of change is challenging. It involves examining history, beliefs and values. The skills required to plan, navigate and guide others through the DEI journey are not innate. DEI practitioners and professionals can bring a depth of experience and expertise to help leaders with discussing strategy, identifying needed behavioral changes, assessing organizational readiness, defining outcomes and implementing sustainable solutions. 

Executive Sessions are opportunities for executives and senior leaders to participate in facilitated discovery, discussion and dialogue focused on the impacts and implications of diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias and respectful workplace behaviors on organizational, team and individual effectiveness and results.

Executive sessions build senior leaders’ understanding of how strategic approaches to DEI support more inclusive cultures and enhance business results.  They learn how their role in leading DEI initiatives is critical to achieving successful outcomes. 

The benefits of building cross cultural competency across an organization are significant. Bridging cultures leads to improved communication, better decision making and problem solving, increased innovation, improved customer service and enhanced brand reputation. When people understand cultural differences, they are better able to assess situations and make informed decisions that consider the perspectives and needs of everyone involved. 

Bridging Cultures helps individuals gain insights, concepts, skills and tools needed to effectively work across cultures. It explores the foundation or “roots” of culture including: belief systems, values, thought patterns, assumptions and expectations. And it examines how underlying factors manifest within the behaviors that individuals display in the workplace.

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Participants in this program will:

  • Explore key diversity and inclusion terms and concepts.
  • Learn why and how diversity and inclusion are critical to the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Identify how perceptual filters and unconscious bias impact performance and productivity.
  • Define the role of executives and senior leaders in building and maintaining an inclusive work environment.
  • Examine the components of a vibrant, robust and comprehensive DEI process.

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