ERG Leadership Academy

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ERG Leadership Academy

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Employee resource group leaders often serve as the group’s Chief Advocacy Officer, the voice of their group throughout the organization. ERG Leaders are responsible for measuring the impact of their group and holding themselves and members accountable for achieving the group’s goals. They are the liaison between their resource group and senior leadership, and are often responsible for communicating the group’s impact, progress, and goals. Even experienced administrative managers face unique challenges in ERG leadership roles. 

To be successful, ERG leaders should be able to create an environment where members find community and a sense of belonging. Members look to their leaders for inspiration, direction and help in balancing their commitment to the multiple roles they may play in the organization. 

Offering development opportunities to ERG leaders prepares them to succeed in leading their group and supports their own growth and development. When ERG leaders can practice skills they may not have use outside of their ERG, they are expanding their capabilities and opening doors for themselves for potential career growth. 

The ERG Leadership Academy prepares individuals to effectively lead a team, focus on achieving results, influence others, communicate with purpose and manage inclusively. Leaders develop a solid foundation for applying newly acquired knowledge, and with skills and tools they can immediately employ.

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Participants will:

  • Build leadership capability to enhance ERG effectiveness, teamwork and results.
  • Utilize the 5 Success Factors as a leadership and analytical tool for building an ERG that drives impactful results.
  • Analyze and identify the ERG’s current stage of effectiveness and create plans to reach peak performance.
  • Identify their development opportunities and practice new skills in a safe environment.
  • Build confidence and competence in communicating the ERG process on the business intersections.
  • Learn best practice metrics to evaluate and sustain their resources groups efforts.
  • Draft plans for internal and external communications strategies.

This is a highly interactive, facilitator-led learning experience. Facilitators create a safe, respectful and open learning environment where participants are encouraged to engage with one another and to share their insights and experiences.

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