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Discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace can be challenging because they involve differing histories, beliefs, values and perspectives. Engaging in these topics is often new for some leaders and can be uncomfortable as sensitive topics may arise. However, these conversations are critical for creating an environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. Leaders need to be prepared to initiate and manage these conversations to ensure effective outcomes.

Great conversations are built on trust, openness, courage and interest. As leaders, we have the greatest opportunity to broaden perspectives, engage team members, strengthen relationships, and support organizational objectives and goals. The resulting dialogue often creates a path to real behavior change.

DEI conversations can be intimidating for managers due to emotional attachment, a fear of saying the wrong thing, or a lack of understanding DEI topics. That’s why they need support to build confidence and know how to prepare.

The Diversity Xpress Series is a program that provides valuable resources for managers to plan and conduct fast-paced, interactive leader-led 15-to-20-minute conversations on 19 DEI topics. The series provides brief instructions on how to open and create an inclusive space for each discussion. Topics can be selected and scheduled based on the team’s interest, the nature of the environment, current issues or the team’s familiarity with DEI topics.  Also, Diversity Xpress includes a ‘Tough Questions’ section to support leaders in responding to issues often raised by teams during these types of conversations.

The series includes tips for preparing and conducting 19 DEI conversations including:


What Is Diversity and Inclusion
Guidelines for High Performing Teams
Sexual Orientation
The Impact of Stereotypes
Diversity and Inclusion as a Business Strategy
Getting Comfortable with Change
Conflict Resolution
Gaining New Skills for Success
Working Across Generations
What Are We Missing?
Using the Pause Button
Affirmative Action/EEO
How Do I Respond When…?
What Do We See – Or Not See?
The Impact of Words
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