Becoming an Ally

Becoming An Ally

Becoming an Ally

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Creating more inclusive workplace cultures where everyone can achieve a sense of belonging requires active participation from all employees. In addition to having the right foundational diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging programs and policies in place, it is important to provide individuals with the information they need to understand the critical role allies play in organizations.

Allies are individuals who actively support and advocate for members of marginalized groups. When employees understand allyship and have the skills and tools to become allies, they can help the organization build and maintain an inclusive environment.

Effective allyship requires:

  • Taking proactive steps to build universal understanding of the issues and opportunities of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).
  • Actively listening to and valuing diverse perspectives, challenging bias and discrimination when observed or experienced.
  • Advocating for embedding equity and inclusion in policies, procedures and practices.
Allies help create a more welcoming and supportive work environment for employees of all backgrounds, identities and lived experiences.

Becoming an Ally examines the role of the ally and why it matters. Participants learn the importance of building and maintaining trust between the individuals or groups they want to work with. They explore behaviors can get in the way and identify the gifts they can bring to the role. The program also acknowledges potential risks of taking on the role of ally and effective methods to anticipate and mitigate those risks in order to fully leverage the multiple rewards of helping others bring their full selves to work.

Becoming an ally

Are You Ready to Create Allies?

By participating in this program individuals will:

  • Understand the role of an ally
  • Learn how allies impact organizations
  • Identify how they can become effective allies
  • Prepare to support the organization’s equity and inclusion efforts through allyship
  • Facilitators ensure that this fast-paced, interactive experience is conducted in an environment that is safe and respectful by establishing affiliation between participants and creating an open and trusting learning space.

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