Research Reveals That Paycheck Won't Keep Them For Long

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What Keeps EmployeesNew research from Career Systems International (CSI) and the Jordan Evans Group, finds that pay is not the most important factor in determining whether an employee stays with an organization. In fact, Fair Pay has moved from fourth place in earlier research to sixth place in this 2014 report.

The 2014 “What Keeps You” white paper reports that certain stay factors have clearly and consistently surfaced as the top drivers of engaging and retaining talent. These factors are largely the same today, as they were amid both recessions and at the peak of the tight labor market in 2000. The white paper also reveals some subtle differences among the demographic groups. For instance, Supportive Management/ Great Boss ranks #2 or #3 for all age groups except for those under 25. And Exciting, Challenging and Meaningful Work is ranked #1 for men and women. The white paper breaks down the 13 stay factors by a variety of demographic variables, including age, gender, job function, job level and industry. This information can guide organizational efforts to engage and retain talent.

You can download a copy of the latest research report by clicking on this link below and completing the form.


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