Reputations are Personal Brands: What's Yours?

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Who will tell you the truth? And, what will you do with it? It used to be that your boss’s perception was the one thing that mattered most. Today, it’s your boss and beyond. Welcome to the new global, virtual, dispersed career audience – where more people’s opinions matter. And the sum total of those perceptions makes up your reputation.

How do you manage perceptions that are everywhere? You seek the truth about you and your work, find an environment where you shine, and live up to your best story about yourself. Here are four actions that help you turn truth…to reputation…to personal brand…to asset.

Get realistic feedback.

Develop a receiving mindset. Share insights, offer ideas, ask questions, listen, invite participation from others, be open to others ideas.

Brand your reputation.

What words or phrases describe your best work? What descriptions come to mind when co-workers think about you? Create and use words or phrases that truthfully describe your reputation.

Name your strengths.

Define what you do best, what sets you apart from others, what makes you different.

Market your reputation as an asset.

Communicate your brand through your actions. If you’re a fearless innovator, act on that strength. A people leader? Be one. A funny teacher? Keep it up.

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