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CareerPower® Classic online was customized and made available to this company’s employees for over a year as part of their open enrollment learning curriculum. However, the company was not providing managers with training as career coaches. Because of an under utilization of the online program for employees, the Sales department asked for a customized approach to help build the career coaching skills of 130 managers as part of their annual sales meeting.

After delivering the CareerPower® Classic for Managers in a four-hour customized learning experience for all sales managers, the Sales department realized the importance of training both employees and managers.

Client engagement surveys showed opportunities in the area of development; the organization was experiencing tremendous growth and several acquisitions worldwide.

Based on the experience with the Sales department and additional pressures, client recognized the strong connection between the employee and manager roles and made the decision to launch CareerPower® Classic for Managers as a primary 2012 initiative worldwide.


CSI initially partnered with this client to create a custom online CareerPower®  program for its employee population. Its reach was expanded to include Sales Managers through delivering a modified live experience  and encouraging managers first to experience the online employee offering.

To support their global initiative, they elevated one of the buyers to the ‘champion’ for this career development process and certified seven internal trainers to deliver the manager’s program  in a six-hour live format.  They have created a variety of sustainer mechanisms (lunch and learns, spotlight employee CD stories in their newsletter, etc.) and continue to partner with Career Systems to maximize their return on investment.

Bottom Line

The client is in the process of gathering and analyzing the metrics, which include the following:

  • Engagement survey results: measuring movement in key survey results including the employee’s perspective on development conversations and the survey statement:  ‘I’m empowered and inspired to take charge of my career.’
  • Talent outcomes – i.e., lateral and vertical movement measurements, talent mobility
  • Internal/external position fill ratio
  • Turnover by performance rating