The last few years the big talent conversation has focused on The Great Resignation, The Great Attrition, The Big Quit and The Great Reshuffle.  This matters as replacing a full-time employee costs businesses at least one-half of each employee’s annual salary and can be as much as two-times that amount.  Pre-pandemic Gallup calculated that employee turnover rates cost US businesses one trillion dollars.  In 2021 that number was estimated to be closer to 2.4 trillion.

If organizations had a crystal ball, they could easily understand what is most important to their employees and what makes them want to stay.  Given that crystal balls are only prevalent in movies and fairy tales, the best way to understand what matters most is to ask them.

Talent Dimension’s Talent Retention Gauge is a 24-item tool designed to help organizations uncover what matters most important to employees and how well you are doing them.

There are 12 areas measured:

  1. Brand Reputation – Do employees feel connected to the brand?
  2. Career Development – Do employees have opportunities for development?
  3. Communication – Does the organization communicate effectively?
  4. Compensation – Is compensation fair?
  5. Culture – Is there a culture of respect and trust at this organization?
  6. Development – Do the employees have the chance to share ideas and learn new things?
  7. Diversity and Inclusion – Is the organization diverse and fair, and do employees feel they belong and can be themselves?
  8. Environment – Is the work environment friendly, comfortable and safe?
  9. Flexibility – Do employees have flexibility in their work, such as location and hours?
  10. Individual Attention – Do employees have access to coaching, mentoring or other one-on-one guidance?
  11. Leadership – Does the leadership make employees feel trusted and valued, and do they provide recognition?
  12. Time Off – Do employees get adequate time off and feel free to use it?

The Talent Retention Gauge includes a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions and gives a comprehensive view of the factors affecting an employee’s perceptions of these dimensions in the organization.  It includes analysis that reveals the important drivers of retention and the perceptions of how we you are doing against them.

The assessment takes approximately 7-10 minutes to complete.  Two demographic data cuts are included in the based cost of the assessment.

Employees who feel valued and supported tend to stay with a company longer.

Richard Branson

It is said that employees don’t leave companies, they leave people.

Dale Carnegie

Turnover can be one of the most expensive problems at a company.

Shawn Achor

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