The business case for using mentoring to foster powerful partnerships increases year over year. Mentoring supports development, inclusion, engagement, belonging and retention of an organization’s workforce. When implemented in a thoughtful and goal-oriented way mentorship is a reliable, sustainable and easily accessible (low cost) option for knowledge sharing. As relationships between mentors and learners grow over time it builds trust and can strengthen their sense of belonging within the organization, while optimizing their potential.

For individuals to engage in successful mentor/learner (mentee) relationships it is imperative that they start with the relationship and time management skills they need to make the most out of their collaborative learning experience.

Which Mentoring Program is Right for You?

PowerMentoring for Learners

  • Clarify the learner’s role in mentoring.
  • Develop valuable skills with a reasonable investment of time.
  • Learn time management skills to fast-track learning and transfer of knowledge.
  • Follow a practical template to standardize the mentoring process.

PowerMentoring for mentors

  • Learn, develop and engage in an innovative mentoring relationship.
  • Use a practical template to standardize the mentoring process and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Conduct meaningful conversations and build collaborative partnerships.
  • Utilize creative methods to share knowledge, beyond traditional teaching.

This experiential program is facilitator-led and can be presented in-person or virtually. It can supplement existing mentoring programs and processes to maximize benefits and results. The learning guide develops skills and practical ‘to do’s’ for participants.

Behind every successful person, there is one elementary truth. Somewhere, some way, someone cared about their growth and development.

Donald Miller

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