Organizations embarking on a DEI journey need the information and knowledge to understand where and how to focus their efforts.  Often organizations jump to solutions first and find that their efforts did not deliver the desired outcomes.  Not only does the organization lose precious time, but the resources invested in the solution could have been focused on initiatives that drive lasting impact.

Taking the time to identify and answer the ‘big’ questions will help an organization understand the challenges they need to overcome.  Engaging the perspectives of employees early in your journey creates the starting point from which the organization can thrive and grow.  If done well, it also signals to individuals that your organization is committed to creating an inclusive culture where individuals can find a sense of belonging.

The Organizational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) Gauge provides organizations the insights needed in a short, 33 item assessment.

The tool measures three essential characteristics of diversity, equity and inclusion:

  1. Workforce Diversity – Do employees value diverse ideas, perspectives and backgrounds? Do they treat each other with respect and feel comfortable relating to others?
  2. Equity and Psychological Safety – Do employees feel they are treated fairly, both in terms of their work and in their freedom to be themselves?
  3. Organizational Diversity Climate – Does the organization have policies and education in place to promote diversity and protect employees from all backgrounds?

The Organizational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) Gauge includes a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions and provides a comprehensive view of the factors impacting an employee’s perceptions of these dimensions in the organization.

The assessment takes approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.  Up to 5 additional scale items are included for no additional fee to ensure relevancy.

Our business partnership with Talent Dimensions began in 2020 when the company made the decision to incorporate DEI&B as a key component within our strategic plan. Their expertise has helped guide us in creating an inclusive culture where all associates feel valued and psychologically safe.

The analysis, data, and recommendations received through their climate surveys and focus groups (assessment process) provides us, and our Board, with valuable insight when developing targeted, attainable, and measurable action plans. They have also been very instrumental in proving us and our associates with coaching on an as needed basis.

I would highly recommend Talent Dimensions to any company that is looking for a trusted DE&I partner.

Michael, Chief Administration Officer, Financial Institution

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