At Talent Dimensions, we help organizations solve the right problems.  So often, we believe we know where to focus our scarce time and resources only to learn that we aren’t addressing the correct challenges.  We leverage organizational assessments to inform our consulting engagements to ensure our clients invest in the right solutions.

Our suite of organizational assessments supports our clients’ decision-making process across an array of talent management topics.  They are targeted to discover your unique needs, providing actionable insights to focus on the right challenges.

Big Questions Need Big Answers

Organizational assessments help to answer ‘big’ questions needed to address those challenges.  

  • How healthy is our organizational culture?
  • What motivates our employees to stay?
  • Do our employees feel they belong here?
  • Do our employees believe we are sufficiently diverse, equitable and inclusive?
  • How effectively are we providing the professional development our employees need?

Gartner estimates that organizations spend $2,000 per employee annually on culture initiatives, while only 3 in 10 HR leaders are confident their organization has the workplace culture it needs.  US companies alone spend over $100 billion on employee engagement annually, but in 2021 we saw declines in engagement for the first time in over a decade.  The trend continued in 2022.

This data begs the question of whether we are asking the ‘right’ questions to ensure organizations are focusing on the ‘right’ solutions.  

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