Creating inclusive cultures where individuals can achieve a sense of belonging is the end game for organizations today.  The challenge is that there are as many definitions of belonging as there are individuals.  How do organizations uncover what their employees want and need to find a sense of belonging?

The manager/employee factor has the most significant impact.  The role of the manager is not to simply manage performance but to enable individuals to reach business and developmental goals.  The manager accounts for 70% variance in employee engagement (Gallup).   Another Gallup study showed that 50% of the employees left their jobs because of bad managers and 70% stated that managers are responsible for how engaged they feel at work.

Great conversations that lead to dialogue are built on trust, openness, courage and interest. Dialogue allows for open and respectful engagement with the goal of understanding one another’s perspectives, experiences and values.  A study by Gallup found that only 13% of employees strongly agree that their manager encourages open dialogue, while 63% of employees strongly agree that their manager does not.

Leadership Conversations focus on the importance of dialogue in the manager/employee relationship.  Participants explore the Fundamental 4 Conversations – Connection, Career, Feedback, Coaching – to build skills and confidence in their ability to conduct these conversations.

Strengthen Manager/Employee Dialog Within Your Teams!

Participants will:

  • Increase understanding of the importance of manager/employee dialogue.
  • Build skill and confidence in conducting four fundamental leadership conversations with employees.
  • Create a plan for upcoming conversations.

Each conversation module includes interactive overviews, small group and pairs practices and facilitated debriefs.


Nearly 4 in 10 employed U.S. workers say their manager fails to frequently engage in honest conversations about work topics.
-SHRM Culture Report 2019
Create conditions in yourself and others that will make dialogue the path of least resistance.
Kerry Patterson
Communication is the solvent of all problems and is the foundation for personal development.
Peter Shepherd
Leaders push through the discomfort of a difficult conversation because the importance for the receiver outweighs the discomfort.
Michael Peiniger

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