Continuous growth is essential to navigating the evolving and rapidly changing world of work. To stand out in today’s competitive market, to acquire and retain top talent, organizations must offer learning and development opportunities for their employees on a regular basis. Organizations must help them grow.

In the 2023 Career Optimism Index, almost half of the 5000 respondents said they want to develop their career and skillsets, but don’t have the support they need from their current employers. Managers play a key role in providing that support, in helping employees grow and develop. Managers who develop talent create employee experiences that cultivate engagement, tap into innovation, and prepare the organization for the future.

Guided by powerful conversations with their managers, employees can build meaningful, flexible, and resilient career strategies. When employees, with the help of their managers, become self-aware through assessments and feedback and explore the landscape and impacts of potential shifts and trends, they are prepared to identify opportunities and make informed choices about their growth, development and careers.

Through robust formal and informal career development conversations managers can:

  • Clarify their goals and career aspirations.
  • Identify development opportunities that prepare them for success.
  • Create realistic plans to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Successful careers don’t happen in isolation. Careers develop one conversation at a time. When managers have the skills needed to hold rich, relevant career development conversations, they demonstrate that they care about their employee’s future. The resulting dialogue builds trust and positively impacts the employee’s experience within the organization.

Help Them Grow introduces managers to a practical approach for supporting and guiding employees’ growth and development. The program provides hands-on practice using tools they need to prepare for career conversations and build an ongoing career development dialogue with employees.

Ignite Growth Through Career Conversations!

By participating in Help Them Grow managers will:

  • Understand the business case for and their role in career conversations
  • Harness and apply curiosity as a leadership competency
  • Learn a practical framework for career conversations
  • Practice the habit of asking powerful career questions
  • Plan for career conversations with employees
  • Prepare for activating real-time learning opportunities

This is a highly interactive, facilitator-led learning experience. Facilitators create a safe, respectful, and open learning environment where participants are encouraged to engage with one another and to share their insights and experiences.

It will change the way you think about the conversations you have with your employees.
Ivan, Field Operations

A very high value contemporary management knowledge on how to lead connected conversations with employees.

Bill, Standards Engineer, Lead

Having career conversations is difficult and this course will help you gain better skills in being a successful manager connecting with your employees.

Kim, Technical Training Manager

You will have fun and learn how to become a better leader!

Bruce, EEP Analytics Supervisor

Great program to learn the art of having a career conversation to support your team member’s professional growth and career development.

Joanne, Director OD & Learning

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