Frontline leaders have significant impact and influence within an organization. They often manage up to 80% of the workforce and are critical to the successful execution of strategy. For anyone taking on the role for the first time, the transition from individual contributor to managing others can be challenging. In fact, it may be the most challenging step in a career journey as they are faced with navigating significant shifts in role, responsibility and mindset.  

Given the scope and influence these new frontline leaders have, it is essential to prepare and develop them to be successful in leading their teams and driving organizational success. Key focus areas include: 

  • Shifting Mindset – This requires moving from individual accomplishments to team outcomes. 
  • Leading Former Peers – Shifting from buddy to boss is often awkward and requires establishing a new dynamic where the manager is now in a position of authority. 
  • Delegating Effectively – Individuals must shift from being in control of their work to trusting others to perform tasks to meet standards and deadlines. 
  • Communication – New leaders need to clearly articulate goals, provide constructive developmental and performance feedback and be open to their team’s concerns and ideas. 
  • Motivating – It can be challenging to learn what inspires direct reports and apply techniques that build buy-in to vision, mission and direction versus issuing orders and directions.    

The Talent Dimensions From Me to We program provides individuals a chance to explore the challenges and opportunities of making that important transition to people leader. In this highly interactive 90-minute session participants will explore and practice the skills necessary to lead successful teams. They will examine ways to approach the work and their direct reports, review shifts in mindset and relationships, and identify core skills of successful leaders.    

This program is available in both in-person classroom and virtual instructor-led options. 

Make a Successful Transition and Drive Team Performance

Participants will: 

  • Examine the Me to We transition. 
  • Explore the challenges of making this shift. 
  • Discover the opportunities the transition offers. 
  • Identify development focus areas 
  • Reflect on and practice the skills necessary to be successful. 

Leadership is not about being in charge. It is about taking care of those in your charge.

Camille Fournier

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