If you really want to understand why employees leave, provide a confidential way to provide candid feedback on their eXperience.

If you are charged with understanding the drivers of attrition – maybe as a Human Resources professional, a recruiting specialist or a leader simply trying to discover what’s driving turnover – exit interviews can offer a wealth of information. Figuring out how to navigate the exit interview process and tapping into that information is key to creating a process that yields candid, actionable feedback.

Research has shown that traditional exit interviews conducted by a manager or Human Resources do not yield the candid answers required to fully understand why an employee decided to leave. Individuals are more likely to disclose sensitive information when responding to self-administered online surveys than when they are questioned during in-person or telephone interviews.

The Talent Dimensions eXit tool provides insights essential to understanding the employee’s experience within the organization and to uncovering what led to their decision to depart.

The easy-to-use tool:

  • Provides simple, straightforward setup for the administrator and the exiting employee.
  • Leverages four main dimensions of employment including the:
    • Role/job
    • Work
    • Culture
    • Overall compensation
  • Includes scale items, multiple choice questions and the ability to provide open text.
  • Features the ability to customize metadata to ensure the most important data is captured.
  • Offers a customizable dashboard to create views of the data based on an organization’s needs.

2.9 x

Employees who have a positive exit experience are 2.9 times more likely to recommend their organization to others than are those who have neutral or negative experiences. – Gallup

Good employees are like gold mines; hard to find and precious to keep.


The goal of exit interviewing is to learn from the past so that you don’t repeat mistakes in the future.

M. Bergdahl

Businesses aren’t reaping the benefits of an effectively managed departure process. An exit survey allows you to understand their reasons [for departure] and realise there may be a place for this person in the future.

Lee-Martin Seymour, CEO , Xref

In short, when losing someone special from your organization, it’s important that they have a chance to communicate their feelings, hear how they made a difference, and learn how to stay connected.

Ryan Pendell and Ben Wigert (Gallup), Xref

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