Creating environments where employees at all levels feel engaged, included and safe to fully contribute and grow is critical to maximizing performance and tapping into the limitless potential of the workforce. Leaders who actively support, sponsor and champion initiatives designed to build and reinforce a culture where employees feel they belong are setting in motion success factors that result in sustainable change and maximum return on the time and resources invested.

Executive Interviews and Briefings are opportunities for senior leaders to participate in facilitated discovery, discussion and dialogue focused on the impacts and implications of initiatives focused on workplace behaviors, skill-building, and individual and team effectiveness. Interviews and briefing discussions are opportunities to ensure alignment with organizational vision and objectives, clarify roles and establish measurable expectations and goals.

These experiences build a common understanding of content and topics included in an initiative or program and provide a space of open dialogue about roles and commitments to achieving successful outcomes. Talent Dimensions partners with your organization to tailor the experiences to the needs of your organizational leaders and the culture in which the initiative or program will be built and implemented.

The Experience

Core elements of the Executive Interviews and Briefings include:

  • Definitions of Key Terms, Concepts and Models
  • Examination of Present State and Desired Future State
  • Identification of Skills, Capabilities and Behaviors Required
  • Commitments, Next Steps and Plans for Taking Action

Leading change is challenging. It involves examining history, beliefs and values and requires a willingness to examine the present and envision the future. The skills required to plan and guide others as they navigate change and build resilience in an evolving world of work are key to sustainable success. Talent Dimensions professionals can bring a depth of experience and expertise to facilitate discussions of strategy, behavioral change, organizational readiness, and measurable outcomes.

Our experience facilitating Executive Interviews and Briefings includes a wide range of core organizational focus areas including:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Workforce Inclusion
  • Psychological Safety
  • Career Development
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • ERG/BRG Design and Management
  • Manager Skills & Capabilities
  • Organizational Assessment

Very worthwhile program.

Sandy, Senior Vice President

If you want to improve your effectiveness as a leader you need this.

Darryl, Division President

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