There is no question that effective communication is foundational to a leader’s success.  It can increase a team’s productivity between 20 and 25% (McKinsey).  Research shows that 33% of employees believe that ineffective communication and a lack of open communication significantly affect employee morale (  Employees in an organization with proper communication are more informed and perform better than their peers by 77% (Gartner).  There are hundreds of studies that provide more evidence for the need to develop leaders’ communication skills. 

The time to begin developing foundational communication skills is when an individual transitions into a new leadership role.  The ability to build trust, establish credibility, set direction and inspire a team rest on a leader’s ability to communicate effectively.  These outcomes serve as the springboard to greater employee commitment, engagement and retention. 

Talent Dimensions’ Communicating with Credibility program engages new leaders in the fundamentals of effective communication.  Beginning with the end in mind, participants explore why the ability to communicate is the cornerstone of effective leadership and how understanding their audience is the first step in getting their message across.  Participants then explore the importance of presence in gaining credibility.  Great communicators spend more than half of their time listening and this program explores how successful listeners engage with others.  Participants then discover the importance of framing, which serves as the essence of targeting a communication to a specific audience. 

This 90-minute program is available in both in-person classroom and virtual instructor-led options. 

Up Your Communications Game to Build Trust, Credibility and Commitment 

Participants will: 

  • Understand the importance of effective communication in driving successful team outcomes. 
  • Learn how the non-verbal aspects of communication, or presence, impact how messages are received. 
  • Discover the importance of listening and the skills to take that skill to the next level. 
  • Recognize how framing impacts the ability of different audiences to receive your message.  


Employees in an organization with proper communication are more informed and perform better than their peers.
– Gartner

Communication is the real work of leadership.

Nitin Nohria

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