When employees feel aligned with their organization’s goals, they are motivated to help reach them. Employees who see the connection between their growth goals and where the organization is headed become personally invested in the outcomes. A fundamental factor in this alignment is how an organization prioritizes professional growth and development for employees – all employees. An intentional growth and development process supports engagement, promotes inclusion, and provides a space where employees know they can experience a rewarding future within the organization. In 2022, HR professionals listed Lack of Career Development and Advancement as second only to Compensation as a top reason for voluntary turnover – vividly illustrating the link between career development and talent retention.

CareerPower® Classic (CPC) offers essential skill building for individuals. Employees at all levels, whether they are individual contributors or managers, can learn and practice the skills they need to envision, plan, and navigate a career. CareerPower®Classic for Managers (CPCM) focuses on preparing leaders, managers and anyone charged with supporting the career development of others to hold meaningful career conversations and coach for growth. Participants in both CPC and CPCM take part in exercises, discussions, and skill-building practices to apply the models and tools introduced in the programs, preparing them to apply what they learn following the experience.

Which Program is Right for You?

CareerPower® Classic

Participants learn to:

  • Apply the CareerPower® model to design their own development strategy.
  • Identify future trends and recognize the implications for their own career.
  • Discover their values, skills and interests and manage their personal brand.
  • Set career direction with multiple options.
  • Draft a development plan then prepare for and practice career conversations.

CareerPower® Classic for Managers

Participants learn to:

  • Apply the proven model to use with their direct reports.
  • Hold development conversations using powerful questions and focused inquiry.
  • Help their employees see, seek, and seize opportunities.
  • Build ongoing dialogues to support employees’ self-directed careers.
  • Make introductions for employees to facilitate connections and networking.

CareerPower® Classic (CPC) and CareerPower® Classic for Managers (CPCM) are award-winning, programs offered as instructor-led or virtual instructor-led experiences. Participants will finish the program with resources to guide ongoing growth and approaches to development planning that can be used throughout their professional careers both individually and as coaches of others.

Behind every successful person, there is one elementary truth. Somewhere, some way, someone cared about their growth and development.

Donald Miller

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