Building inclusive teams and a working environment where employees feel like they belong doesn’t happen by accident. Leaders must have the tools and skills to foster the behaviors that support inclusion, promote engagement, and provide psychological safety. When leaders are successful at building inclusive teams everyone benefits–the members of the team, the organization and the clients, customers and communities they serve.

Inclusion, or the absence of it, effects organizations and teams of all sizes. Inclusive teams are better able to collaborate, leverage the talents and energy of all members, maximize productivity and bring about lasting positive impact.

Don’t deny your team the opportunity to learn and develop the key leadership skills that are critical for effectively building and managing diverse and inclusive workplaces. Inclusive leadership skills impact all aspects of a manager’s interactions with team members. Every connection and communication between a leader and team members offers an opportunity to display and reinforce behaviors that promote inclusion and belonging. When employees don’t feel like they belong on their team or in their larger workplace, they become disengaged, less productive and are more likely to leave.

Prioritize Inclusion For Your Teams!

  • Gain a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion and why these topics have emerged as critical business issues.
  • Examine the leader’s role in leveraging diversity and inclusion and the key competencies required for leading a diverse team.
  • Recognize how perspectives and behaviors enhance or detract from meeting team and organizational objectives.
  • Practice the skills that support an inclusive workplace.

This experiential program is facilitator-led and can be presented in-person or virtually. Facilitators create a safe and respectful environment for everyone by establishing a bond between participants and opening a trusting learning space for all.

This program will open your eyes to what can happen in the working world and what you can do to help improve diversity and inclusion.

Meghan, Marketing Specialist
A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.
Sundar Pichai
When everyone is included, everyone wins.
Jesse Jackson

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