Network to Getwork?

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Post by: Beverly Crowell

By now, you know you need to network (the verb) to advance your career and life. And, you need to have a network (the noun). How are you doing with that? If you’ve ever been out of work (or know someone who has) the word ‘networking’ can conjure up images of printing up resumes, updating online profiles, and talking about yourself to strangers at little tables. Or, how about the obligatory ‘networking’ events at business meetings?

The truth is that there’s a payoff in all these efforts. And you learn very quickly that networks are not just to ‘getwork,’ or get support, or ‘get’ period. Your online and social interactions reinforce that you have to proactively go after the people you want in your network – and give as much as you get. Think about it, what can you give people in your network? Look for creative ways you can be of service to others. Listen to learn what people might need. Networking works best when it’s quid pro quo. Know what you can offer.

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