Once again, I have had the honor of co-authoring with Dr. Beverly Kaye! Our article, The Retention Champions is featured in the Spring issue of Talent Quarterly on sale now. Retaining talent is a challenge for every organization. Turnover is a significant drain on resources – human and economic. And your best performers may be the very ones thinking of leaving.

So, what can you do? We offer some powerful ways to leverage the retention champions you have right there inside your walls. Know that they may be in some places you haven’t considered before. Bring your retention strategy to the shop floor, to your conference rooms and break rooms, to the places where your strategy can – and must – come to life!

Talent Dimensions offers additional guidance for tackling the task of keeping the talent you need most in our white paper, Keeping the Talent You Need Most: Tailoring Your Retention Strategies to Six Roles that Drive Exceptional Impact, published last year.

Here at Talent Dimensions, we are in the midst of exciting discussions with clients about how and where the areas of professional development, engagement, retention, diversity and inclusion – areas we have been working in for decades – intersect to transform the workspace and maximize results. Watch this space for more about this truly meaningful work!

When your organization’s ready to explore career development, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion contact Talent Dimensions to learn from our decades of experience helping clients build powerful, sustainable and inclusive employee growth and development strategies.