Mentoring Matters

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Mentoring imageBy Beverly Crowell, EVP Product Development and Marketing, Career Systems International

According to Business Week, 35% of employees who are not being mentored within the first 12 months of being hired are actively looking for a job.

Today’s employees want to learn, grow and contribute while achieving success in the process. Organizations are streamlined to the point where they must efficiently and effectively maximize the knowledge, skills and abilities of a very diverse workforce to survive ― let alone thrive. As such, learning is not just something employees do once or twice a year in the classroom or in a self-directed learning environment.

Learning can and must be ongoing, self-driven and reciprocal. And learning through mentoring is not only efficient development, but critical to retaining and engaging talent.

With all that said, a successful mentoring relationship is based on your ability to be a proactive learner. Before seeking a mentor, get a clear sense of your own needs and then make your needs known. Not sure where to start? Consider these questions and note any insights that may come to you.

  • Why do you think a mentor could make a difference in your life now?
  • What do you think your mentor might have to offer that is unique?
  • What have others said you need to improve or change?
  • What work assignments challenge you the most? Where do you feel stuck?
  • Are there tangible skills you’d like to acquire – tangible experiences you need?

The clearer you are about what what you want and need, the better chance you’ll have at making the most of your mentoring relationship. Mentoring matters. So, get one or be one today!


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