Let's Get REAL

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You’ve heard it said that goals should be SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely, right? It’s good to have SMART goals. When it comes to getting where we want in work and life, SMART simply isn’t enough. You need to be REAL SMART.

Getting REAL with our career and life goals means going beyond the process of simply setting a goal. Get to the heart of what will make it happen. More importantly, what will make you want to make it happen? Are your goals REAL? Ask yourself these questions:

Is it RELEVANT? Will the results be simultaneously aligned with where you want to go and where your organization or your life is headed? How do you know?

Is it ENTICING? Does it look really good to you? Do you want it enough to make it happen? Do you smile when you think about achieving it? Why?

Is it ACHIEVABLE? Does it look like you can complete the actions that are required within a defined period of time? Is it a bit of a stretch but still within your means? What would your first step look like?

Is it LEVERAGABLE? Does it serve multiple purposes? Are there ways to apply your hard work to other goals you might have? Name a few examples.

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