Webinar - How Respect Impacts Belonging

How Respect in the Workplace Impacts Belonging

With Cile Johnson & Keith Arachikavitz

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 1:00 EDT/10:00 am PDT

Incivility and a lack of respect have a direct negative impact on an organization’s ability to create a culture of belonging. Disrespect hurts key aspects of the employee experience. (Recruiting, inclusion, retention, innovation, morale, and employee health and well-being)

In our Choosing Respect Survey, a startling 80% of participants said they have experienced incivility within their own workplace. 100% of participants agree that any form of incivility harms the team. This negative impact spreads through the organization, to the customers and your ability to achieve inclusion. 

In the workplace respect and civility are paramount—and without it you will struggle to create an inclusive culture where individuals feel they belong.

Join Chief Business Officer, Cile Johnson, and Facilitator, Keith Arachikavitz, for an interactive discussion about turning the tide on incivility and creating a culture of belonging for your organization. 

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