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Belonging By Design

Webinar speakers Cile Johnson, Chief Business Officer at Talent Dimensions and Dr. Sharonne Herbert, Belonging, Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Children's Hospital of Orange County

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Headshot of Dr. Sharonne Herbert
Dr. Sharonne Herbert

Dr. Sharonne Herbert

Dr. Sharonne (pronounced Sha-rawn) Herbert is a belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion (BDEI) strategist, community builder, and board-certified psychologist. At Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in her role as a Belonging, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer, she has contributed to the organization by developing and implementing a BDEI strategic plan and unconscious bias models and trainings, deploying inclusive processes, and consulting in the areas of leadership and belonging. Passionate about creating high-performing teams, Dr. Herbert values partnership, empathy, compassion, and authenticity as critical elements to integrating BDEI into the overall culture. The goal of her work is to leverage these foundational principles to help everyone appreciate differences and engage with one another in a positive, mindful way to create an environment where everyone thrives.