Webinar: Back to the Future... Returning to Workplace

Webinar: Back to the Future… Returning to the Workplace

The world came to a devastating halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic with hundreds of millions of people sheltering in place.  The future is back on our trajectory as leaders are developing strategies to bring their employees back to the workplace while ensuring their safety. 

We are flooded with information from the news and other sources about how to make this return without creating a second wave of the virus.  With so many variables to consider, the effort to find some type of normalcy in the workplace becomes overwhelming.   
Join us May 28th to hear from three leaders in the trenches working to create a safe return to the workplace. Learn how their organizations are preparing their facilities, leaders, employees, and policies for an effective return to work.


Fran Lawler, Chief Human Resources Officer

Robin Cerrati, Vice President, Human Resources for Restaurant Associates
Wolfgang Puck Catering and Envision Group at Compass Group

Shauna Schoeder, Director, Talent Management & OE

Thursday, May 28 1:00 – 1:45 ET

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