Talent Dimensions is a leading provider of award-winning training and learning resources designed to elevate your overall strategy to retain, engage and develop your people.

Leveraging our 40 years of experience, Talent Dimensions offers a variety of solutions in multiple modalities. From full-course learning experiences to microLearning events and interactive portals, we deliver deceptively simple, delightfully engaging, and deliberately flexible programs to meet all your learning needs.

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DownloadCareerPower® Classic

DownloadCareerPower® Classic for Managers

DownloadHelp Them Grow or Watch Them Go

DownloadUp is Not the Only Way

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DownloadLove ‘Em or Lose ‘Em®



DownloadHello Stay Interviews


DownloadLeadership Conversation

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DownloadBecoming an Ally

Download Bridging Cultures

DownloadBuilding Inclusive Teams

DownloadChoosing Respect in the Workplace


Creating Inclusion

DownloadDEI Fundamentals eLearning

DownloadDiversity & Inclusion Means You!

DownloadDiversity & Inclusion Means You! eLearning

DownloadDiversity Discussion Starters

DownloadDiversity Xpress

DownloadERG Development

DownloadHealthcare Xpress 

DownloadInclusive Leadership

DownloadInclusive Recruitment Selection & Hiring

DownloadUnconscious Bias