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This organization acknowledged that their associates were key in creating strong customer satisfaction and positive financial results.  For them, higher engagement meant 12% higher revenue per compensation dollar and 9% higher property profit margin.  Based on a survey of 130,000 members of their global workforce, they discovered that 85% of employees were not “highly engaged.”  They understood that shifting those employees to high levels of engagement would produce phenomenal results.



CSI partnered with the organization to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to achieve “workplace excellence” and thus an excellent experience for its guests. Our retention and engagement program was delivered to more than 10,000 managers globally.  The company delivered a series of engagement sustainers following the programs and partnered with CSi to design a web-based portal to support the strategy.


Bottom Line

Employee turnover declined by 8 points during the first year.  Guest and employee satisfaction raised 6-10%.

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