Help Wanted: Managers Who Care if I Stay or if I Go!

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Post by Ann Ratcliff, Career Systems International

Of course managers care about their employees. It is often one of the reasons they become managers. Yet I’m not certain employees see evidence of this and perhaps that is why according to a 2014 Dice Tech salary survey …two-thirds of all workers believe they could find a better job in less than 60 days.*


When we recruit talent, one of the hundreds of questions we ask is, “Why do you want to join our company?” It is an important question whose answers bring insights to the candidate and their potential employer. Yet once they’ve joined and show up every day, we assume they’re here because of those first enthusiastic impressions – which have long since faded.

A Costly Assumption!

Do this for yourself… Go find one of your ‘go to’ employees. Tell them you have an important question to ask. Be transparent and let them know it is not something you commonly ask but that you’ve just read this post and you would really like to know their answer. Then ask them (in your own words if needed)….

“Why do you stay?”

Listen carefully. His/her answer will give you great insights that you can build from long into the future.

And the future is my point.

Let me know what you learn – I’m interested!

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