Five Tips to Beat Boredom

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Workplace boredom can cause employees to become disengaged and impact the value they bring to the organization.  In addition, disengaged employees bored guycan be at high risk for leaving.  It is possible that you can turn the situation around by helping employees become re-energized.  Here are some actions you can take to keep jobs enriched:

  1. Nurture creativity.  If employees aren’t asked to think for themselves, they lose the ability to contribute their best ideas.
  2. Rotate assignments.  A change to new responsibilities can help employees feel valued and challenged and help them acquire new skills to add depth to the team.
  3. Set goals.  Help employees set enrichment goals for challenge and growth.  Seek opportunities to utilize their interests and skills.  Inquire about their goals periodically and set aside time for regular goal-setting sessions.
  4. Put employees in touch with customers.  Direct customer contact can increase interest and commitment.
  5. Greater autonomy and decision-making.  Find opportunities for employees to make more of their own decisions, opportunities for self-direction, and redistribute work to increase variety and learning.


Research tells us employees want exciting and challenging work. Try the five tips but also ask what you can do to help beat the doldrums. Ask your employees what they love to do. What are they passionate about? Collaborate with them to find ways to incorporate their passion into the work they do.

Interested in learning more about how you can have conversations to develop your employees? Join us for one of our upcoming virtual sessions for more tips and tools to drive the doldrums out of the workplace.

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