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Following a major merger, this multi-service bank showed poor survey results due to prominent job dissatisfaction and pessimism regarding future career opportunities within the company. The career development initiative had two priorities: to quickly deliver positive results in terms of satisfaction, retention and progression; and, to initiate a long-term cultural shift that would embed career development into the work environment.

CSI’s career development workshops were conducted monthly at each operational site for both employees and managers. The company also partnered with CSI to form career resource centers and assign Employee Development Advisors to support the focus on culture shift and development.

Bottom Line
$1.5 million replacement costs savings; a 147% ROI. Optimas Award for Quality of Life. ASTD award for Excellence in Practice.

• 75% participation by eligible population
• 25% improvement in overall employee satisfaction
• 39% higher retention among program participants
• 80% improvement in internal promotions