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With 45,000 employees internationally this company recognized that reorganizations and downsizing were having an impact on employee productivity and satisfaction, thus affecting customer satisfaction. Career development was consistently scored among the lowest on employee surveys. Focus groups revealed that there was a perceived lack of commitment by the organization to support career development.



CSI’s career development programs were introduced globally for more than 12,000 employees and leaders. The organization supported the initiative by opening career resource centers, creating online tools for sustainable support of the learning programs and redesigned its performance process to support career development. Employee survey scores improved, with these programs being named as a key factor.


Bottom Line

A 6% reduction in voluntary attrition and a 25% improvement in employee satisfaction were achieved among the 12,000+ workshop attendees, resulting in a 65.3% ROI (using various data points such as turnover costs, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, internal hires, etc.)