Engagement and Resiliency Skills Go Hand-in-Hand

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Career Systems International Founder, Beverly Kaye shares thoughts about a new book by Eileen McDargh.The-Resiliency-GPS-Book-Cover

It is always rewarding to find concepts Career Systems International has been training for years, reinforced in a fresh, new light. That’s exactly what Eileen McDargh has done with her newest book, Your Resiliency GPS: A Guide for Growing Through Life and Work.

McDargh states that GPS stands for Growth Potential Strategy and for every strategy, there are recalculating questions.

Growth potential!

Isn’t that exactly what we want for ourselves and our employees? Our research continues to reinforce that employees want opportunities to grow or they will go. Growth potential takes into account all manner of variables ranging from family issues to interest levels, from departmental organizational possibilities to emotional hurdles.

And many of these variables require resiliency skills. McDargh believes that resiliency is now a life skill and one that must be cultivated not only for times of challenge but also for times of opportunity. She defines resiliency as growing through these times, NOT bouncing back.

We know that engagement takes conversation between a manager and an employee. However, the first and maybe most important conversation is with oneself. This is where Your Resiliency GPS offers additional support. Every directional GPS needs to know where you are and where you want to go. The same thing is true for our personal GPS.

Before a manager can delve deeply into the “stay conversation”, it can be wise to offer a resource to the employee to do her own introspection. Your Resiliency GPS is just the tool.

And who doesn’t need to know ways to develop the four resiliency skills of adaptability, agility, laugh-ability, and alignment. I certainly do.

Here’s to your bountiful, resilient, stronger by every measure New Year.

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