Engaged Employees - Build Your Dream Team

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Look around you. Today, less than one-third of your co-workers are enthusiastic about their work. According to Gallup research, nearly 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged or are actively disengaged. Staggering numbers to be sure!

Millennials are least engaged!

Among the generations, millennials are the least engaged group, at 28.9%. Gallup’s employee engagement data revealed that millennials are particularly less likely than other generations to say they “have the opportunity to do what they do best” at work suggesting your millennials may not be working in jobs that allow them to use their talents and strengths, thus creating disengagement.

What if tomorrow you looked around and saw enthusiastic people at work, doing their best work, every day? The makings of a dream, you say? Not necessarily.

Build your dream team! We’ll show you how.

Read our latest paper on how to build a dream team inside your organization with a practical, yet meaningful game plan designed to develop, retain, engage and mentor all your employees.

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