Diversity Impact Awards

The Diversity Impact Awards

The Diversity Impact Awards are the next iteration of the ERG and Councils Honors Award. After Talent Dimensions acquired PRISM International in 2018, the awards were revamped. 

The awards program now uses Dr. Theresa Welbourne’s Diversity Impact Model as part of the application process. The awards have been updated to reflect the work ERGs and Councils are doing today with:

  • Top 25 ERGs (single)
  • Top 10 Enterprise-Wide ERGs (an organization’s overall ERG program)
  • Top 10 Diversity Action (organizational initiatives not taken by an ERG or Council)
  • Executive Sponsor of the Year
The Diversity Impact Awards Ceremony is held at the conclusion of the Global ERG Summit, visit the Summit website for more information about how to apply, past recipients and more. Click below for more information.

The Diversity Impact Awards Winners Series

Latest Diversity Impact Awards News: