Creating a Most Loved Workplace

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A new study from the Best Practice Institute (BPI) and Career Systems International (CSI) revealed that employees who love their workplace are four times more likely to perform at higher levels than those who don’t. And what drives this love more than anything else is a feeling of value and respect from others.

How do you get your employees to love their workplace and demonstrate respect for them at the same time? The answer is easier (and harder) than you think… have a conversation.

When was the last time you asked your employees what they love about work and even what they don’t?

Consider sending the following invitation to all your team members, set up a meeting and dare to ask. Once you ask, be willing to do. Work together with each employee to identify things to keep doing and those things which need to start happening to help you create a most loved workplace.

TO:           All Employees

SUBJ:      Stay Interview

You make a difference and I value your contributions. It’s important I understand what matters most to you at work. Please schedule a meeting with me within the next two weeks to discuss the below questions and anything else you would like to talk about. Thanks and I look forward to our conversation!

What do you love most about working here? What don’t you love?

What will keep you here?

What might entice you away?

What is most energizing about your work?

Are we fully utilizing your talents?

What can I do differently to best support you?

Download a copy of the research report Creating a Most Loved Workplace.

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