Craig Clayton

Partner: Executive Strategy


Craig B. Clayton, Sr., is the founder of the Equitable Workplace Institute and is responsible for creating, developing, training, and implementing strategic approaches to creating equitable workplaces. 

His approach includes integrating inclusive strategies to develop, hire, retain, recruit, promote, on-board, create inclusive succession plans, conduct talent assessments and reviews, inclusive performance management practices, and more. 

He developed the ‘Diversity Profit Equation’ linking inclusive human capital models to the top line (revenue growth), the bottom line (cost reduction) and the pipe line (recruiting, retention and talent management) in quantifiable measurable ways.  

He has established diversity councils, created business resource groups, developed supplier diversity programs, integrated learning and development into talent management processes, and created accountability models. 

He specializes in providing organizations with executive strategies and business practices that create measurable processes that improve employee performance, productivity and profitability through creating culturally competent leaders, managers and organizations.   

Creating equitable workplaces has tangible business  impacts; after all margin enhancement is everyone’s responsibility! 


From 1999 until 2020, Craig served as the Director and Diversity Strategist with the International Institute for Diversity & Cross-Cultural Management.  The Institute is located in the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business.   

He has worked with many academic institutions including the State of Alabama College System, Ithaca College, Houston Community College, and more. 

To date, his global outreach has spanned over a dozen countries including Mexico, Brazil, China, Belgium, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa,  and more.  


He has been interviewed on radio and television including PBS, ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC and Fox Affiliates.  He also filmed a half-hour special on PBS focusing on “Corporate Bullying – The New Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.”