Celebrate Your Employees

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On Monday, in the US, we celebrate Labor Day–a federal holiday created to celebrate workers! For many, it’s a day of rest. For others, it marks the end of summer with barbecues and other celebrations with family and friends.

It’s also a time to celebrate your employees and the contributions they bring to your organizations. Show them you care. Need some ideas? Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, coauthors of Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay, share 26 no or low cost ways you can let your employees know you care about them. Download descriptions of each of these ideas here.

      1. Private time with you.
      2. A long-awaited action item – done!
      3. An honest talk about the future.
      4. The honor of representing the company at a conference.
      5. A chance to grow professionally.
      6. Recognize your employee’s family.
      7. Talk about your employee’s next move.
      8. Serve on an interview committee for a key position.
      9. Nourish your employee’s professional interests.
      10. Submit to a critical employee’s “pruning.”
      11. A unique “perk” for fun.
      12. A priceless introduction.
      13. A workplace personal trainer session.
      14. Three wishes.
      15. Open a new door.
      16. Blend your employee’s work and passion.
      17. An exception to the rules.
      18. Play genie in a bottle to your employee’s recognition wish list.
      19. Help them feel at home at work.
      20. Listen to the truth – over lunch!
      21. A chance to download.
      22. Honor your employee’s values.
      23. A day of improving health.
      24. Play time.
      25. The starring role, for once.
      26. Your promise to repeat the offer.


Go ahead. Celebrate your employees!

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