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Beverly Kaye, was one of 22 inspirational speakers to speak at LEAD2015. The conference was held Dallas, Texas and broadcast virtually around the world.

LEAD2015, the brainchild of Deb McGrath, CEO of, was designed to bring top thought leaders and the best leadership practices into organizations. The leadership conference took place in Dallas, TX March 30th – April 1st. Part of the uniqueness of this event was that it was broadcast out to hundreds of host sites across the continent. Thousands of people could participate virtually.Bev Kaye with Bill Clinton

Our founder, Beverly Kaye, spoke at this event. In her presentation titled “Career Talk: Demystifying the Career Conversation”, Beverly provided three practical steps to “unfolding the deck chair of your career” – very relevant since the hardest thing about planning your career is often knowing where to start. As the “warm up act” for former President Bill Clinton, Beverly gets the audience engaged and inspired.

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Links to the other presentations can be found here.

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