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Our newest white paper, “Keeping the Talent You Need Most: Tailoring Your Retention Strategies to Six Roles that Drive Exceptional Impact,” explores the six recurring leverage roles that drive strategy execution in organizations today. We identify what really matters to these individuals as retaining them is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

In this white paper “What Keeps You? A White Paper About Engaging & Retaining Talent,” we’ll share with you:

  • Our findings about why people stay, both physically and psychologically, with organizations.
  • Top drivers of engaging and retaining talent.
  • Thirteen stay factors analyzed and reported by age, gender, level & industry, job function, geography, and company size.

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Conversations We Want

Conversations We Want: We asked 150 Human Resources and Talent Management professionals what type of conversations do employees want at work versus what are they most likely to get from their managers. The result? Employees aren’t getting what they want and managers are missing the mark.

Let’s Talk Talent, Conversations to Engage, Develop and Retail Talent:

Call it a sense of wonder, call it human curiosity. Conversations fuel curiosity to ignite best efforts, increase employee productivity and improve bottom line results.

What Matters Most?

No surprise here, its PEOPLE!

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