A Season of Thanksgiving

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Thank YouIn the State of the American Manager report, Gallup notes that great managers build relationships that create trust, open dialogue and full transparency. Managers who want to build stronger relationships with their employees should seek to make regular meetings a priority, but they should also strive to communicate, in some way, with each team member every day.

November is the perfect time to start building better relationships by saying thanks. Saying thank you in the workplace conveys such sentiments as “I Appreciate You, I Care, and You Matter.” Messages of this kind are always important to send to valued employees, and they are particularly important in today’s competitive labor market.

As our way of saying thanks to you, download our 26 Ways to Say Thanks and mark those ideas you would like to try immediately to build great relationships with the people on your team. Share it with others in your organization and make it a priority. And, while you’re at it, leave a comment below about what you do to create trust, open dialogue and full transparency. We’d love to hear from you!

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