A new LINKEDIN Newsletter Series: Belonging by Design

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Talent Dimensions LinkedIn newsletter series, Belonging by Design. With over 40 years of experience and expertise we understand the importance of creating sustainable change and fostering continuous growth. Our goal with this newsletter is to help organizations navigate the evolving landscape of workplace culture and enable individuals to bring their best selves and talents to their work.

Over the last three-plus years our world has been fraught with turmoil from the global pandemic, mounting concerns for social justice, increasing ideological divisions and numerous unprecedented challenges. These experiences are reshaping people’s lives in ways they could have never imagined, and the effects will be felt for years. Individuals are expressing a desire something different in their professional lives, and organizations struggle to understand and respond effectively.

The concept of belonging has gained significant popularity in recent years as individuals have become more aware of what they need to thrive and are choosing workplaces that meet that need. It’s not surprising that people are seeking work environments where they can feel they truly belong. Abraham Maslow identified belonging as the third most important human need, just after physiological and safety needs. We firmly believe that belonging is the most crucial outcome we can help organizations achieve. Belonging directly impacts retention and empowers individuals to bring their authentic selves and unique talents to their work. We recognize that belonging doesn’t simply happen; it requires focus, intentionality and a defined purpose. If belonging is the outcome, Belonging by Design is the way.

There are various approaches to discussing belonging. At Talent Dimensions we take a comprehensive view of what it takes to embrace and act on the concept. Over the years our experience has taught us that belonging is influenced by almost every aspect of organizational life. Moreover, we acknowledge that every individual may have their own unique definition of what belonging means to them, which presents an added challenge for organizations striving to create an inclusive environment.

With this newsletter we are committed to delving into the components of organizational culture that foster a genuine sense of belonging. Considering the many factors influencing our ability to connect and thrive in the workplace, this is a complicated task. The challenges we face in society inevitably spill over into our professional lives, creating an extra layer of complexity for leaders and organizations.

We define belonging as the sweet spot where inclusion and engagement intersect within an environment of psychological safety. Inclusion is about granting individuals a voice in decision-making, planning and problem-solving. Engagement pertains to an individual’s ability to find meaning in their role, their team and the organization’s overarching mission. Psychological safety, in essence, means that employees feel free to express themselves fully without fearing retribution or penalty. It is when individuals feel heard, find purpose and experience a sense of safety that the truly transformative magic of belonging occurs.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we unpack the complexities of belonging and collaborate to build inclusive workplaces where everyone feels they truly belong. Together, let’s create a world where connection and belonging are at the heart of every organization’s culture.  You can subscribe to our newsletter here.