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We believe that strategic development, inclusion, engagement and retention of people tap into limitless potential for any organization.
Our mission is to propel organizations to new levels of performance through people...all their people
Different roles … different retention strategies.

We work with Fortune 500 companies to drive exceptional impact with the strategic retention of their critical roles.

From award-winning solutions to 40 years of experience, we aim to create cultures where engagement, development and leadership flourish.

We exceed the expectations of our clients and help them drive exponential performance through their people.

About Us

The best way to get to know an organization is to understand what they believe.

Talent Dimensions was formed in 2018 but was born from over 40 years of experience in employee engagement, retention and career development. Founded by Lynn Cowart and Cile Johnson, Talent Dimensions purchased Career Systems International from its founder and best-selling author, Dr. Beverly Kaye and immediately began work to answer the question it gets from almost every client, “What comes next?”

‘What comes next’ is a commitment to providing the same award-winning programs clients have come to know so well through Career Systems as well as the broadening of our horizons to focus more specifically on the strategies for retaining employees and minimizing turnover to propel organizations to new levels of performance through their people.

We do all this by offering the most innovative, practical and application-rich solutions in the areas of

  • Strategic retention,
  • Employee, engagement,
  • Career development,
  • Leadership development,
  • Employer branding,
  • Leverage role identification, and
  • Inclusive work environments.
decrease in turnover
increase in engagement
increase internal promotions



Cile Johnson

Chief Business Officer



Lynn Cowart

Chief Operations Officer


Ancella Livers

Ancella Livers

Chief Innovation Officer


Craig B. Clayton, Sr.

Partner: Executive Strategy


Lindy Williams

Thought Leader

Additional Thought Leadership


Beverly Kaye

Founder, Career Systems International


Linda Stokes

Executive Consultant

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